John & Hannah - Background

John is 39. Hannah is 38. They have two children; Mary (5), Ryan (4).

Both sets of parents are still alive and now all retired.

John is a consultant for a large London based development company. He has a salary of £68,000, a car allowance and a good company pension scheme. John is ambitious and sees himself as a director in the next 10 years.

Hannah is an HR Manager for a regional solicitors firm employing some 50 people. Her salary is £49,000. She has no pension.

They are reasonably financially aware. They have some savings and a reasonable mortgage but they are both time poor and work tends to get in the way more than it should.

They have not given much consideration to their futures. They want the best start in life for their children and don’t want to work past 60 but to date they had not considered these (or other things) in greater detail.

Agreed Goals

  • To consider planning for school and university fees
  • To review planning arrangements for retirement
  • To have an overall “money review”

First- The Goal Setting Stage