Key Benefits & Value for Money

Finding Value for Money

One of the difficulties for judging the value of great financial advice is that it can be quite difficult to quantify. For example having the right insurance in place is infinitely more valuable to someone who successfully claims on it than to someone paying the premium and hoping they never need it.

IFAs often talk about peace of mind - it’s right out of the book of clichés but it is relevant. Great financial planning should provide peace of mind. It should also provide a sense of direction to your day to day money decisions, a clear picture of your future financial health based on reasonable assumptions, the ability to test any number of “what if” scenarios and the encouragement to use your wealth for life and not to run your life for wealth. How, though, do you decide if you are getting “value for money”?

The truth is, it might not be possible to put everything we do into a monetary value but our promise is not to become complacent. Each year that we work together, we will test how you have benefited from our relationship and we will seek to agree how you might measure the success of our work over the next 12 months.

Potential Tangible benefits

  • Reduced Tax
  • Reduced Charges
  • Greater Investment Returns
  • Saved Time
  • Saved Money
  • Earlier Retirement

Potential Intangible Benefits

  • Greater Flexibility
  • Technical "Knowhow"
  • Financial Direction
  • Better Understanding
  • Critical Friend
  • Keeping Focus
  • Greater Control
  • Proactive Reminders
  • Sense of Security / Peace of Mind