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A pension is just a tax efficient savings plan but pensions planning can be complex. How much do you need to save? Is a pension the best solution? Should you take tax free cash? There are two main aspects to pensions; saving and drawing an income. We can help with both.  


There is normally a reason why someone would invest - possibly to support lifestyle later in life, maybe to put the kids through university, or maybe to provide an income. There are many ways of investing, all have their own benefits. We take time to understand your needs and make sure our recommendations are clear and focussed. 


Life sometimes deals us a bad blow - some of this can be devastating. Insurance cannot take away the emotional pain of dealing with sickness, disability or even death but it does mean that if the worst should happen, money is one less thing to worry about. 

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance tax is one of the three main tax planning areas we deal in but unlike income or capital gains taxes which tend to be a consideration in relation to a bigger goal, inheritance tax planning requires specific guidance. If simply giving all your wealth away 7 years before you die is not an option, we can show you legitimate planning solutions to help reduce the potential tax payable on your death. 

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