Think. Plan. Act.TM

Great Financial Planning is a blend of art and science but like anything built to work, the quality of the outcome is directly related to the quality of the preparation. Our simple process is designed to help you get the most from our relationship.


It's all about goals. No goals means no direction. No direction means you’re not in control.

Only once your goals are set can we get to work on helping you achieve them. Take retirement for example - we understand that nobody wants a pension plan - but most of us look forward to a time where we no longer have to work. Well, the level of saving needed to meet your future ideal lifestyle is directly dependant on what that ideal lifestyle is.


Using our cashflow planning tool, we build a lifetime money model to show your wealth curve - a projection of future wealth based on your planned spending (in other words, your planned ideal lifestyle).

The model will show with absolute clarity your possible financial future.

Why? Many people make poor money or lifestyle decisions today because they cannot see the longer term effect. If you knew whether your plans meant you will either accumulate too much money, or run out of it, you could make better decisions today.

A large part of this process is "what if" planning. By tweaking any of the hundreds of variables we create for you, you can instantly take control of your wealth curve. The end result is a model which to you makes sense - a sense of money direction for years to come and a feeling that your money and lifestyle goals are in tune with one another.


Your wealth curve will show you with absolute clarity when in your future you will become financially free - no longer having to worry about money. The “ACT” process is all about identifying the actions you should take to be more money efficient.

How can we increase investment returns? How can we decrease unnecessary expenses? How can we improve your tax efficiency?

A series of general recommendations will allow you to determine which actions you wish to take. In other words, the process puts you in control. We can help with detailed advice in a number of areas - we call these projects - they can include pensions, investments, insurances, inheritance tax planning etc. Of course, if you prefer, you can choose to undertake your own projects without our involvement following our recommendations report.

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