Initial Meeting

Like all good advisers, we offer an initial meeting at our expense. However, it is important to note that this meeting will really just be a chance to talk more about you and for us to better understand your situation and priorities. It won't be an advice meeting. 

We'll use a little of this time too to show you how we would go about working with you, and to explain our fees in more detail. At the end of the meeting, you should have all you need to decide if we are the right choice for you.

The Comprehensive Financial Review

Everything we do starts and ends with a Comprehensive Financial Review. It is the best possible way to help you understand what you actually have and to learn how you can take more control over your financial future. 

The Comprehensive Financial Review includes:

  • A full profile of your financial position including; key people, policies, assets, liabilities, income and spending now and over your lifetime

  • Help in identifying relevant goals and priorities

  • Lifetime cashflow forecasts based on agreed assumptions using the best financial planning software available today

  • A review of your financial position in the event of a catastrophe (death, disability etc)

  • Unlimited "what if" planning (really great to help make sensible money choices)

  • A full strengths and weaknesses assessment summarised in a written report

  • A series of high level recommendations covering general financial planning, improved tax efficiency, retirement planning, investment planning and estate planning

  • A debrief shortly after the review meeting to discuss your report and agree next actions

Detailed Advice Projects

Once we have established your financial plan, we can then get to work (if needed) on some focused projects. These are normally product orientated recommendations and are the means used to achieve your objectives. We can advise on:

  • New investments (including pensions)

  • Existing investment and pension suitability and switching

  • Insurance based solutions

We will not offer detailed product advice until a full Comprehensive Financial Review is completed.

Ongoing Support

Creating your plan is important but not nearly as important as making sure you follow it.

Once our initial work is complete, we will provide continued, proactive support so you have the best possible opportunity of meeting your goals. This is the most important thing we do. It includes:

  • A full review of your financial plan at least annually

  • Unlimited additional meetings when required

  • Actions monitoring (something we like to call “professional nagging”)

  • Proactive tax planning support

  • Investment control and administration (risk control, tax efficiency review)

  • Ongoing product provider review (where investments are held under our influence)

  • “Critical friend” support (a voice of reason for the choices you make)

The only thing NOT included is any new detailed advice projects which will always be subject to a separate fee.