The Comprehensive Financial Review


Everything we do starts an ends with a Comprehensive Financial Review. It is the best possible way to help you understand what you actually have and to learn how you can take more control over your financial future. 

The Comprehensive Financial Review includes:

  • A full profile of your financial position including; key people, policies, assets, liabilities, income and spending over your lifetime.
  • Help in identifying relevant goals and priorities
  • Lifetime cashflow forecasts based on agreed assumptions using the best financial planning software available today
  • A review of your position in the event of a catastrophe (death, disability etc)
  • Unlimited "what if" planning (really great to help make sensible money choices)
  • A full strengths and weaknesses assessment
  • A series of high level recommendations covering general financial planning, improved tax efficiency, retirement planning, investment planning and estate planning
  • A debrief shortly after the review meeting to discuss your report and agree next actions