Clients We Work With


We do our best work for couples in their 50s and those in the early stages of retirement.

Of course, its not about age. In fact, our youngest clients are in their early 30's and our oldest are comfortably passed their 80th birthdays!

It's more about the importance of planning given your life-stage.

Your children are now (becoming) less dependent, you're probably less burdened with debts and will now be more focused on ensuring you don't have to work for ever. 

You've probably built up a few legacy pensions from previous jobs, you now have a decent amount of wealth between you in various forms, your income will (probably) be pushing you into the higher rate tax threshold.

You possibly still have parents around and, having children of your own, you will be aware of the need for some inter-generational wealth transfer planning (aka inheritance or estate planning).