Our Service & Our Fees

We only work with clients who value an ongoing, engaged relationship with their advisers. Unfortunately we cannot assist those looking for help with a one-off project.


Initial Meeting

Like all good advisers, we offer an initial meeting at our expense. However, it is important to note that this meeting will really just be a chance to talk more about you and for us to better understand your situation and priorities. It won't be an advice meeting. 

We'll use a little of this time too to show you how we would go about working with you, and to explain our fees in more detail. At the end of the meeting, you should have all you need to decide if we are the right choice for you.

The Comprehensive Financial Review

This is where we build a detailed money model for you which makes financial planning a really engaging and useful exercise. You'll be able to test out different scenarios and we'll be able to show you how certain planning solutions might make a difference to your future. We will provide a full money planning strengths and weaknesses assessment and make a number of high level recommendations covering; General Money Planning, Income and Capital Gains Tax efficiency, Protection Planning, Pensions Planning, Investments and finally, Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning.

Investment & Pensions Advice

We are Independent Financial Advisers. We can help you navigate through the myriad of choices which present themselves to you when it comes to investing and retirement planning. We offer detailed advice on existing or new products and make recommendations to ensure you have solutions which are suitable for your needs and are as efficient as possible.

Our fees are chargeable for our advice and are calculated as a % fee of the amount advised upon as follows:

  • 1.5% on the first £300,000

  • 1.0% on the next £200,000

  • 0.75% on the excess

Fees are subject to a minimum of £1,500 or £1,950 for Defined Benefits pension transfers.


Advised Wealth - £80,000.

  • 1.5% of £80,000 is £1,200

  • Our minimum fee of £1,500 would apply


Advised Wealth - £350,000.

  • 1.5% on the first £300,000 would be £4,500

  • 1.0% on the next £50,000 would be £500

  • Our total fee would be £5,000


Advised Wealth - £700,000.

  • 1.5% on the first £300,000 would be £4,500

  • 1.0% on the next £200,000 would be £2,000

  • 0.75% on the next £200,000 would be £1,500

  • Our total fee would be £8,000

Insurance Advice

Of course, we can advise upon and arrange new insurance solutions. Whilst advisers may still be paid via a product provider commission for this work, we believe it is almost always better that we charge a fee. In rejecting the insurer provided commission payment, the monthly premium comes down and for larger policies, the saving can be significant.

We charge £750 per policy arranged. However, unlike commission which is only paid if you take up the plan arranged for you, here our fee is chargeable for our advice and for submitting an application. On occasion, it may be necessary to submit an application to more than one insurer. Where this is the case, our fee will increase by £375 to reflect the additional work.

We believe that for most of our clients, this approach will save them money in the long run.

Ongoing Service

We offer a comprehensive ongoing service. For most clients, this is built around continued investment or pensions management however, for some clients, we provide a planning only service without investment management.

Within our service we offer a Comprehensive Financial Review at least annually, ongoing investment management (for funds held under our influence), and both proactive and reactive general financial planning support. We explain this service in more detail at the initial meeting.

Our fees are calculated as a % fee of he amount advised upon as follows:

  • 1.0% on the first £300,000

  • 0.75% on the next £200,000

  • 0.50% on the excess

Fees are subject to a minimum of £1,200 per year.


Managed Wealth - None.

  • Our minimum fee of £1,200 per year applies which would be payable by monthly standing order


Managed Wealth - £150,000.

  • 1.0% of £150,000 would be £1,500 per year

Example 3

Managed Wealth - £500,000.

  • 1.0% on the first £300,000 would be £3,000

  • 0.75% on the next £200,000 would be £1,500

  • Our total fee would be £4,500 per year

A personal fee illustration will always be provided before starting work.


Under current legislation our services are not subject to VAT but should this change in future and VAT becomes payable, we will notify you before conducting any further work.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All initial project fees are covered by our advice guarantee. Put simply, this means if you do not like what we do, you will be not charged (as long as you have told us what is wrong and given us the opportunity to put it right).

Cancelling Ongoing Service

You may cancel your service at any time subject to written notification. You will not be entitled to any refund of payments made before your written notice is received any such payments being deemed to have paid for service provided to date.